Monday, October 7, 2013

The ring leaders

Der Fuehrer Chris 'streetcar' Smith. Pretty nice laid back guy for the most part. I actually allowed a campaign sign for him at my property. Won't offer you that again Chris, I'm not voting for you either. Next time your running for some sort of public office I will be sure to post your opponents sign conspicuously at that major intersection.

Reichsinspekteur Bob 'its my blog and I can do what I want' Richardson  is basically the hatchet man for Portland Tranport and does all the scolding and berating and excluding. He is sorta a Trimet Gestapo fare inspector for his blog, his judgement prevails and he is the police, judge, and jury, piss him off and your gone

Scott Johnson, Sadly I can't find a picture of  him so here is his blog. He's the #3 man over there. Never had any problems discussing issues with him. Can't give him a Nazi title since he never acted that way

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