Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trimet general liar to be interviewed by the Pin Heads

If it is spring, it must be time for another round of Your Questions for Neil, the annual feature in which Portland Transport sits down with TriMet general manager Neil McFarlane for a chat on what interests PT readers.  This year’s interview will be Wednesday, March 26.  This time ’round, the Portland Opera has graciously made its facilities available for the interview.
Cutting and pasting from last year’s announcement:  As always, we follow the same format.  Readers are encouraged to submit questions here, and  on the 26th we’ll sit down with Neil and present a subset of the questions to him. The interview will only go for about an hour, so not all questions may be asked; in addition, the interviewer (Chris) may ask follow-ups. Tough questions are more than welcome; though all questions must be civil. Bob R. will video the interview session, and videos of the interviews will be posted here on Portland Transport. All relevant material will be kept, though some editing may be done to the video footage.  Pauses and such may be edited out, and questions may be organized into themes and presented in a different order than they actually were asked of Neil McFarlane. Time permitting, transcripts will be prepared, though we may seek volunteers for some of the transcription work, and transcripts may not be posted simultaneously with the video.
I don’t know if Neil  reads the questions posted here beforehand, but assume he does–he has every right to do so and makes no pledge otherwise. (This is one reason Chris will frequently ask follow-ups not posted here).
The floor is now open! GO HERE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Shedding Some Light on “Be Seen, Be Safe”
“Be Seen, Be Safe” is a symptom of an auto-centric worldview where if a pedestrian or bicyclist is unseen by a driver then they must have been unseeable.(what kind of crazy logic is this?) They must have “come out of nowhere.” While it’s an obvious tacit admission that our law enforcement efforts are inadequate and our facilities are growing obsolete, it does little to protect riders and walkers from the myriad of dangers that result.(oh my lord, the car haters do go on and on and on) Until we stop trying to put high-viz vests onto straw men and address the real safety issues, I offer in lieu of “Be Seen, Be Safe” the following bit of more practical advice: Do whatever you can to avoid situations where you rely on a motorist’s sobriety, attentiveness, or lawfulness to ensure your safety. Ride or walk like you’re invisible.

Been Seen and Be Safe is nothing more than a publicity stunt, all these blogs take it as a serious campaign. It's the nanny state again. "They" will protect us from ourselves because they know what's best for us. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Who would have known? Portland's rail apologist blog takes exception to an OREGONIAN story on the street car: Make sure you read the comments at the Oregonian

I Beg Your Pardon, Streetcar Does Not Need to be Fixed

This year’s award for most inflammatory headline has to go to “Portland streetcar bottleneck needs $3.7 million fix less than a decade after tracks laid“.
The story refers to finally double-tracking a section of the alignment between 4th Ave and PSU Urban Center around what is known as the “Jasmine Block”. This is not a fix, it’s an investment in Streetcar’s expanded mission. (oh gawd get me a barf bag)

Monday, October 14, 2013


This is a comment by a pin head named Dan W at THIS post The same could also apply to why Washington County is attracting far more of these kinds of employers than Clackamas or Clark Counties; it's not like either is in the middle of nowhere, but both have a ways to go until they can make themselves more appealing to a Nike or an Intel (Clackamas Co can start by electing actual leaders rather than cartoon characters). 

 Interesting that when elections do not go the way certain 'lefties' (for lack of a better term) want, they resort to this sort of juvenile behavior. This name calling is accepted and actually supported by the head pin heads since it supports their agenda. Anyone that uses that sort of language that does not support their agenda is moderated and chastised

Saturday, October 12, 2013


They won't even allow any discussion of my material now!
The banned commentator they refer to is Al M

And the video they banned is below

Monday, October 7, 2013

The ring leaders

Der Fuehrer Chris 'streetcar' Smith. Pretty nice laid back guy for the most part. I actually allowed a campaign sign for him at my property. Won't offer you that again Chris, I'm not voting for you either. Next time your running for some sort of public office I will be sure to post your opponents sign conspicuously at that major intersection.

Reichsinspekteur Bob 'its my blog and I can do what I want' Richardson  is basically the hatchet man for Portland Tranport and does all the scolding and berating and excluding. He is sorta a Trimet Gestapo fare inspector for his blog, his judgement prevails and he is the police, judge, and jury, piss him off and your gone

Scott Johnson, Sadly I can't find a picture of  him so here is his blog. He's the #3 man over there. Never had any problems discussing issues with him. Can't give him a Nazi title since he never acted that way