Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Shedding Some Light on “Be Seen, Be Safe”
“Be Seen, Be Safe” is a symptom of an auto-centric worldview where if a pedestrian or bicyclist is unseen by a driver then they must have been unseeable.(what kind of crazy logic is this?) They must have “come out of nowhere.” While it’s an obvious tacit admission that our law enforcement efforts are inadequate and our facilities are growing obsolete, it does little to protect riders and walkers from the myriad of dangers that result.(oh my lord, the car haters do go on and on and on) Until we stop trying to put high-viz vests onto straw men and address the real safety issues, I offer in lieu of “Be Seen, Be Safe” the following bit of more practical advice: Do whatever you can to avoid situations where you rely on a motorist’s sobriety, attentiveness, or lawfulness to ensure your safety. Ride or walk like you’re invisible.

Been Seen and Be Safe is nothing more than a publicity stunt, all these blogs take it as a serious campaign. It's the nanny state again. "They" will protect us from ourselves because they know what's best for us. 

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